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A history of service and community


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Newark Chess Club

Success with Chess
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Click here to read about our humble beginnings with the Newark Chess Club. Success With Chess is a project to expand the Newark Chess Club. We’ve taken the Newark Chess Club model, which has been successful in Newark for years, and created a system that would allow us to offer it to anyone who wants it. We’ve included a training program for educators that would allow for anyone to facilitate our program. We also provide a chess instructor, technical support, program materials, and instruction consulting.

Safety Is Our Top Priority


Background Checks

Your child’s safety is our number one concern. That is why we perform background checks on everyone that works or volunteers with us. We use Verified Volunteers to provide background checks on our instructors and mentors before they are allowed to participate in our chess program. Verified Volunteers is the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of the service sector and the first online community mobilizing repeat, vetted volunteers.

Mentors & Instructors

We are constantly welcoming mentors into our program. The commitment is small but the impact is great. We ask mentors to play chess with a child at any one of our locations for one hour per week. This means you! You are welcome to join us!  Just show up, play chess, and talk to a child about life. That’s it!

Our instructors are chess players and enthusiasts that are completely committed to the mission of our program - using chess to teach decision making and develop life skills. Chess is the tool we use to develop character in young people.



We are growing our team. If you believe in our mission, are a hard worker, love working in a free flowing, past paced environment, and are self directed, then join us! For employment inquiries please send an email to 

Darryl Oliver Scipio, Founder

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My son Amath has always had an interest in playing chess but there was nowhere that I could bring him to play with children in his age group and to get personalized instruction. Amath loved the program so much that we’ve been involved for two years and now his little sister loves chess just as much as he does.

Ms. Tate

Parent - East Orange
Our son Robert was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. His doctor suggested that we start to play chess with him. Neither of us knew how to play so we found the chess program and enrolled him. He immediately took to the game and began playing chess every day when he got home from school. Now, his ADD is gone and he is a pretty good chess player.


Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez

Parents - Newark

We’re had the chess program in my classroom all year. The students love it! In fact, when the class is getting a little distracted, I get them right back on track by letting them play chess. Its an amazing game that they all love to play. I love it because it teaches them patience and focus.

4th grade Teacher

Newark Public Schools