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Building confidence in our kids



We teach children how to make better decisions.


For Schools, Instructors, and volunteers.

Success With Chess is for schools, recreation centers, and afterschool programs. We use the game of chess to teach life skills to children. It has been long established that chess is a great game to help develop the brain and strengthen analytical skills. Our character development curriculum has been used in Newark, New Jersey for four years with great success, and we are now offering it to every school, rec center and afterschool program in the country. If you lead a school, teach chess, or are a mentor, and you are looking for a great way to help your children develop the life skills that will build their character, then Success With Chess is for you. Join us now!

Success With Chess activities aim to: 1) Establish a Chess In Schools Program in your area; and 2) Offer mentorship and  educational services to at-risk youth. Our goals are to develop the skills of strategic theory and practice in youth ages 8-18 and improve educational outcomes for young people. The objectives of the organization are to develop the minds of young people through the game of chess, help children develop into healthy adults, and promote civic engagement and leadership.    

We started Success With Chess from the basic premise that the lessons we learned from chess are also good life lessons, and that if you can teach a child how to make better decisions from a game, then they can teach themselves how to make better decisions in their lives. Then we started reading about how chess has improved the education of children. We saw how Chess In Schools in New York City and the US Chess Center in Washington DC are making an impact on the educational outcomes for young people from urban neighborhoods.